Welcome to The Rest of Your Life.

I have always been impressed by people who act on their dreams. They are more the exception than the rule, and they prove our dreams are within our reach if only we decide to make the effort. Plus, change is hard. We all know that. Our comfort zones, whether we’ve chosen them or drifted into them, are exactly that: comfortable. Beyond them is uncertainty. Change always carries some element of risk.

One absolute certainty we all share, however, is our limited time upon this globe. “Average life expectancy” feels like a big number when we’re young, but has a way of shrinking as the years go by. It can become a ticking clock, a kind of restlessness, even a sense of lost or squandered possibilities, especially when the comfort zone has begun to feel more like a rut. It’s also true that dreams change. The dreams we chase when we’re young become the comfort zones and ruts of middle age.

Which brings me back to what impresses me about people who act on their dreams – people with some life under their belts, people with some accomplishment or some measure of security, something to lose. It’s their courage, their willingness to risk failure and uncertainty, their determination to course-correct and reinvent themselves, whether in small ways or large. And it’s their appetite for life. Above all it’s that — a sense that every breath’s a bonus and life is our own personal adventure if we make it so.

Here at The Rest of Your Life, I want to explore as many of these stories of personal change and reinvention as I can find, because they inspire me. They charge me up and sustain my own sense of possibility. And if their transformative energy works on me, maybe it will work a little magic on you, too.

Here’s to acting on dreams, escaping ruts and comfort zones and making the most of the rest of your life.