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Corporate Big Shot to Bed & Breakfast

I have a hunch that Ellen Goldberg was lucky to embark upon her second career more than ten years ago before hitting 50. The job of Innkeeper running a bed and breakfast apparently has a poor record for longevity. Most people only last about 7 years. Had she waited ten years, I wonder if she’d […]

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Boomers Relaunch into Retirement

I enjoyed this piece by Rodney Brooks in USA Today exploring a number of Baby Boomer reinventions. He looks at people who decide to write and publish books, people who turn their talents to helping others (Benefactors), and people who start their own businesses (CEOwners). Although writing a book is no easier than it ever was, getting […]

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The Myths of the Myths of Entrepreneurship

Pardon me, but I must protest. Slava Rubin, founder and CEO of indiegogo is a successful entrepreneur, but his recent speech at SXSW Interactive, The Top Ten List of Entrepreneurship Myths, covered on, offers some myths of its own. And for prospective CEOwners, believing these myths could be dangerous. Fair warning: we are all […]

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How to Fail as an Entrepreneur

  Just follow the advice offered by Leo Babauta in his recent post on, “The Not Knowing Path of Being an Entrepreneur.” I’m a fan of Leo’s. I read zenhabits regularly, and I have bought his excellent book,The Power of Less, which I’ve read twice. For the most part, I find Leo’s Buddhist worldview […]

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To Reinvent Yourself, Defeat Your Lizard Brain and Ship!

If you’re wondering why you’ve spent the last several months or years or maybe your entire adult life up to now thinking about things you’d like to do or be or know, but not acting on those desires, Seth Godin can enlighten you. It’s your “Lizard Brain” – that deeply ingrained subliminal aversion to any […]

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CEOwners: “It’s good to be da king.”

“It’s good to be da king.” (Mel Brooks, The History of the World, Part I) How would your life be different if you woke up every day as the Chief Executive Officer and owner of your own company? What would it be like to be the boss, making the decisions and creating your own business […]

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