Lane Changers: Upgrading Life

Taking Up Painting

Lane Changers are people who change careers to pursue their joy or follow their purpose. I’m not talking here about just changing jobs, making some minor alteration within an established career. I’m talking about major change, reinventing yourself, like the guy who sold his business and went back to school at age 65 to become a nurse. Like the high school art teacher who left the city at age 50 and bought a small farm. Like the business executive who took early retirement and went back to school to become a high school science teacher. And, of course, there are the CEOwners who dump their jobs to buy or start their own businesses.

The Rest of Your Life is all about change – career change, geographical change, physical change, intellectual change, even spiritual change — and Lane Changers are some of the most interesting stories of all. They surprise you. One day you’re talking to a retirement-age business owner, and the next time you hear from him, he’s cramming for a chemistry exam in nursing school. Who knew?

Many Retirement experts (a loose designation, I admit) like cite research showing that most people become less excited and satisfied with their jobs about the time they reach the age of 50. They start thinking of retiring. Whether their work ever excited them or has simply lost its glow, they feel bored, restless, dissatisfied and anxious. Time is shorter. The energy and excitement of youth is diluted by experience. Things look different at 50 than they did at 30. That youthful sense of unlimited possibilities has often disappeared completely, and the view down the remaining length of the career corridor is clear and uninspiring.

Lane Changers do something about all that. They change. They act on their dreams, follow their passions, pursue their purposes. They get off their butts and reinvent themselves into a different, more satisfying life. The challenge of the process is often as invigorating and rewarding as the achievement itself.

How about you? Can you do it? Are you ready? Have your dreams and purposes changed over time? Are you a little tired of the old you and excited to think there’s a new you in there waiting to be discovered and activated? Then go for it. Here at the The Rest of Your Life I’ll introduce you to as many Lane Changers as I can find, and I’ll tell their stories. Eventually, if you let me, I’ll tell yours, too.

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